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Monday, May 31, 2010


Friendship is
a fickle foe,

it starts with smiles
to and fro.

It's secret shared
and tales of woe.

This friend is one
you get to know.

But friendship is
a love that's earned.

When heated words
and feelings burned,

it's time to take
the time to dwell,

and remember the times
my heart did swell.

And now I know
that I in turn,

must grow the friendship
I did earn,

and BE the friend
I seek elsewhere,

in those for whom
I really care.

(dedicated to my friend Robbie)


  1. and BE the the friend

    Why are there double the?
    What did you mean?

  2. Beautifully expressed!

    Friendship is certainly a two way street Marcus! Not a selfish one way street affair


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