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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Labels are for SOUP CANS

If you are straight, you can be cool,
you can have traits, you can know all.
You can have hopes, you can have dreams,
anything goes, YOU are supreme.

You’re good at sports, everyone talks,
to the straight boy, lets go for walks.
You deserve best, forget the rest,
you are perfect, you passed the test.

But if you are gay, you’re only gay,
and that is all that they say.
Not funny, not cool, not thin and not tall,
you're ‘gay’ or ‘the gay’ or ‘just gay’.

To all the straights that’s all they see,
you can’t be the boy you thought you might be.
They labelled away, so they don’t say,
anything any more.


  1. This is where we disagree... anyone can take the easy road and be straight... it is the artists, bohemians, the educated and enlightened, and the underdogs who are gay or gay friendly. Explain why straights copy from gays, blacks, anyone who appears more interesting than them. All the greatest artists were gay. Why else would the Catholic church rewrite the history books not to include gays. Because they don't want it to seem desirable. Their greatest artist..Michelangelo...was gay.
    But open minded non judgmental straights I can tolerate.

  2. oh how much you're right! If one knows you're gay, you're ONLY gay!

  3. Hey, my friend! Loved this - although it's not as devastating, I too am labeled quite a bit. Don't like it. It's so limiting and such a small fractal of who they think I am. So I can only imagine how depressing it is to have this on a daily basis from a young age on. Particularly when you're in school and trapped with these people who want to diminsh all that you are. I loved this poem and thanks for inviting me to read you're blog! You're an excellent writer - don't ever stop! ~Mikwid.

  4. Great post Marcus, and also very true unfortunately.


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