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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A personal question ?

"Hey, are you gay? Not that it matters. Are you? Are you gay? You look kinda gay, but you don't sound gay. Just wondered. Cause like, r u gay?

I see you like gay things. Like things that seem gay. So I just thought, .... hmmm, maybe he's gay. I'm not gay, I'm not! But I just thought, maybe you are gay.

Your hair is sort of gay,
in a good way. And you are so pretty. So that's pretty gay. Not that it matters. I have nothing against gays, so it's okay if you are.

I'm just saying if you want to, be gay that is. Then that's okay with me, I really don't mind.

Not that I've met someone,
like who is gay. Like I don't know gay people. I guess they are different in a way. I've seen gays on TV. You are not like them, but it just seemed like maybe you were. You can tell me.

So if it's not a personal question...
are you gay?"


  1. I guess in a lot of ways ppl are like books, Marcus, insofar that you should never judge a book by its cover!

  2. Are you gay?
    If you don't mind it, could I question you?
    You looks straight, but your behavior is like gay.
    You likes muscles, short brieves, tight jeans, and "Playgirl".
    So I guess you are gay.
    Are you gay?
    I don't care if you are gay, stright or bi.
    Because I don't like to lebel you at all.
    You are just my best G'FRIEND!
    G means happy, gorgeous, pretty and GAY.
    To my B' friend.
    B' means bi, bloody, blue, bikes and BEST

  3. Very good my Marcus! It's funny and so true! A sharp observation of our society!
    Even sometime I heard,
    "Oh I have nothing about gay people, you know I even have a very good friend who is gay, you see! Oh by the way, Do you have a GF?"


  4. every so often in your stories and writings you hit a nerve and it sets my brain spinning. I spend the following hour or two alive to a new thought and idea and i end up looking at my life and my ideas and assumptions. I love it when that happens !!!
    thank you for energising my brain.

  5. It's funny and deep at the same time!!!
    My answer could be:

    Yes I'm gay untill my last cells of my body my mind and my soul!!!
    Any problem?


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