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Sunday, May 2, 2010

From my friend Sloane

One strange morning appears
A shy lonely boy in tears
Thru the sandstorm mist
I was wondering if he really exits

Was he mute? Not really
But words just dropping rarely
From his lips color cherry
I was drinking his words gently

Then suddenly he took off his shirt
I didn't move, didn't want to hurt
He came close and grabbed my body
I stay quite fearing to be shoddy

But he was so much in love demand
That I surrendered in the sand
The moment intense came to an end
Then I realized, he was my friend

He laughed at me Ha Ha Who are you?
And dived in the deep blue.

by Sloane

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  1. you NZ lads have a brilliant way of using words ... surprises me that you haven't listed Witi Ihimaera as a fave author from NZ ... he wrote An Uncles Story which is an incredibly rich and challenging and wonderful story about searching for his gay ancestor ... check it out !!


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