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On this blog you will find the rambling thoughts and images a boy like me finds on the web. It is responses to my dilemma and experience. It's not rude or crude or stereotypical. Just me, just trying to be free, just learning to be myself...

Friday, April 30, 2010

тєαяš σƒ вℓσσ∂

ωну ∂σ уσυ šтιℓℓ нυят мє šσ؟
тнє тнιиğš уσυ šαу, тнє тнιиğš уσυ киσω.
уσυ киσω тнє ραιи уσυя ωσя∂š ιиƒℓι¢т,
уσυ киσω тнє вαяв αи∂ уєт уσυ тωιšт.

ι šтαи∂ вєšι∂є αи∂ нσℓ∂ уσυя нαи∂,
уσυ šмιℓє αт мє αи∂ уєт уσυ šтαи∂
яιğнт σνєя мє αи∂ šαу šυ¢н тнιиğš,
му ℓσνє ƒσя уσυ ιт ємρту яιиğš.

ι σиℓу нσρє уσυ киσω тнє ραιи,
αи∂ уєт уσυ ∂σ ιт αℓℓ αğαιи.
נυšт ℓєт мє вє σя нσℓ∂ мє тιğнт.
вυт ∂σ иσт мαкє уσυя ωσя∂š α киιƒє.

тнєšє тєαяš σƒ вℓσσ∂ ι ¢яу ƒσя уσυ,
уσυя ωσя∂š σƒ ραιи тнєу тєαя мє тняσυğн.
ρℓєαšє вє тнє šαмє αš ι σи¢є києω,
αи∂ нσℓ∂ мє ¢ℓσšє тσ уσυ.

Model: Ash Stymest

Thursday, April 29, 2010


To see a thing and think it's changed,
is merely life, it's rearranged.

To think that life is static or still,
is living your life without a thrill.

To know not how your life will be,
just live the change and be set free,

To want to grow is energy,
embrace the change and let it be.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A kick in the balls

There you sit, upon the ground,
taunting me, without a sound,
willing me to throw around,
sadly I won't.

There you rest and wait for me,
kick me hard and set me free,
pick me up and play rugby,
sadly I don't.

What you want is far to much,
I kick you ball, way into touch
You ask a lot and as such,
Oh bloody hell, how can I not?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It hurts ~ kiss me

I stuck a sharp pin in my ear.
The sharpy-point bit disappeared.
Then it came out the other side,
drops of blood I could not hide.

I also managed to bite my lip
I removed the sharpy-pointy bit.
I grabbed the thing to stick it thru,
it hurt a lot, it had to do.

I looked at it and felt quite proud,
But then I swore, a bit, out loud.
I forgot to do the cleaning bit,
to disinfect, I am a twit.

I pulled it out, I'll try again,
it just won't be the same.
It's just as well, it started to swell,
if Mum asks, please don't tell.

It hurts.... quick.... kiss me

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Come meet me

I start to build, my magic world,
my castle on the net.
I cast about, without a doubt,
myself to who I've met.

I spin a web of strange delight,
to those who come to see.
They come along to hear my song
and to meet with me.

I paint such scenes as may delight,
a world of fantasy.
My videos, my heartfelt woes,
my poems are ecstasy.

I seem to be just who I am,
my thoughts upon my sleeve.
I make new friends, I sell my dreams,
in me you may believe.

So stay a while and visit here
and hear myself be me.
Rest a while and laugh along
and share before you leave.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Upside Down

Upside down?
Round and round?
Scream all night,
make no sound.

Come with me?
Go away,
Come back soon,

Make no sense,
heaven sent,
my last dollar
I have spent.

You to me
are everything.
So come n suck,
my ding-a-ling.

Upside down?
Round and round?
Come back home,
my home town.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As summer ends

As summer sets upon the land
I reflect upon the golden sands
Of hopes and dreams and memories
Of pulsing waves, the summer breeze

I feel the emptiness approach
The dreams I had are but a ghost
The cold comes forth, I can not stand
As summer sets upon the land

My Mortal Coil

Strip away my outer skin
See the boy that dwells within
Let me shed my mortal sin
Forgive me once again

See me now for all I am
Take me with you, hold my hand
Stick together, that's our plan
Hold me once again

Tell me of your hopes and dreams
Share with me all that it seems
Plan our life, sew our schemes
Take me once again

Share the passion, share the love
Help me fly and rise above
Know what I am dreaming of
Inspire me once again

Don't leave me here, on my own
Take me with you, I have grown
Take the love that you have known
See me once again

Know that I can grow anew
Love me now as I love you
Love the boy that you once knew

Love me... once again

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Piece of Me

Oh YOU want a piece of me?
Come and taste the rest of me.
I'm not all I seem to be,
I'm not all that you may see.

I can handle anything.
I will box you in the ring.
I will tackle moral sin.
I will trash you in the bin.

If you want a piece of me,
come on close or let me be.
Cause my time is, never free,
Play by rules or anarchy.

If you wanna talk, then talk. Don't just 'wassup' and 'hey' me, it pisses me off......

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be safe

You can not hold me in your sway,
Your tricks, your games, I will not play.
You can not have me anyway,
this game, your tease, I will not stray.

You think I don't see right through you?
Your false regard, your hidden view.
I know for me it isn't true,
so please relent, I say we're through.

My heart, my soul, my inner trove,
I hold on fast with my resolve.
Behind this wall of rubber fast,
I hold my love, my love will last.

Ash Stymest ~ a few pictures

Click on any picture to enlarge before doing a copy and paste.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodnight Sweet Prince

I take your kiss upon my cheek,
the lightest touch,
it's rather sweet.
I stroke your hand and say goodnight.
I wait until you dim the light.
Your foot steps pad along the hall,
the stairs they creek upon my wall.
You are now gone,
my heart resists,
it begins to slow,
the thrill desists.
I wait once more for the light of dawn,
when once again,
I see you yawn.
The day it starts,
just as it ends,
a kiss from you,
it makes amends.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


You ask me if I'm gay.
Is that all you can say?
Are you that thick,
to ask so quick?
Just please go away.

You want to know me more,
your channel is a bore.
You write so little,
it's all a riddle.
Just please walk out the door.

You want to know my name,
your details never came.
My DOB, my MSN
you want my number once again?
Your questions are so lame.

You want me for your friend,
and then not talk again.
You go away
and never play.
I think this friend will end.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I never watch TV, it is so boring to me.
It's a load of crap, take it back,
it's just YouTube for me.

Is it just me or is it so weird that the
evening News is always the same length?

It is always 60 minutes long.
Like what if nothing happened today?
Why can't they just say, 'not much happened
today so enjoy these cartoons'

And why is it always bad news?
Can't they find some good things?
And if this is the news here and it's all about
here what the hell do they watch in the next

Oh and why do I feel dumber every time I
watch TV? Is it sucking my brain dry?

I think so, haha.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eike von Stuckenbrok (3)

The face of an angel; The skills of a superb athlete; The body of a Greek God.

I found some more pictures of Eike von Stukenbrok that are too good not to post. If you click on the thumbnails you can see them in much larger detail. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our boy

I shall come to lick your wounds,
to lift your soul, to see you soon.

I shall come to lift your head,
to ease your plight, to make your bed.

I shall come to hold you tight,
and share with you, in your plight.

I banish forth this strange disease,
my stricken mate, your pain I ease.

I love you so, without reserve,
my fallen brother, my love deserved.

Have faith in me, to not give up,
my fallen boy, my broken pup.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

May I ?

May I suck it, may I stroke it?
May I flip it, may I poke it?
May I bend it round and make it fit?
May I pull it out and play with it?

May I grab it, may I flick it?
May I rub it, may I whip it?
May I take it with me, wherever I go?
May I stroke it fast and then stroke it slow?

May I chase it, may I race it?
May I kiss it, then embrace it?
May I keep it in my mouth late at night?
May I taste it first and then take a bite?

May I have it, I so want it,
Give it to me, oh don’t hold back.
Give it to me baby, one more time.
Give it to me baby, and then be mine.

Be my baby, be my honey,
spend time with me, take my money.
May I have you, I so want you,
I believe you, I do need you.

May I suck it, may I stroke it?
May I flip it, may I poke it?
May I bend it round and make it fit?
May I pull it out and play with it?