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On this blog you will find the rambling thoughts and images a boy like me finds on the web. It is responses to my dilemma and experience. It's not rude or crude or stereotypical. Just me, just trying to be free, just learning to be myself...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be safe

You can not hold me in your sway,
Your tricks, your games, I will not play.
You can not have me anyway,
this game, your tease, I will not stray.

You think I don't see right through you?
Your false regard, your hidden view.
I know for me it isn't true,
so please relent, I say we're through.

My heart, my soul, my inner trove,
I hold on fast with my resolve.
Behind this wall of rubber fast,
I hold my love, my love will last.


  1. Well,,, Marcus I thank that is the strangest pitcher I Have seen yet -- I have been over at u2 -- thought I Would drop by over here and ck out things !!! did you see my blank blog I have ?? why is my following showing up as jackson_2010 and my blog page heading showing as Wm L Jackson //?? I have no idea what to do !!! Well it's late -- so till later --stay cool ///

  2. Wow... the picture and your words are such a good combination. This all gave me goosebumps.
    I only hope that you don't speak from your own experience.


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