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On this blog you will find the rambling thoughts and images a boy like me finds on the web. It is responses to my dilemma and experience. It's not rude or crude or stereotypical. Just me, just trying to be free, just learning to be myself...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Get Sexy !

I wanna be bad, I wanna be a boy,
I wanna have fun, I wanna have joy.
I wanna drink beer, I wanna shoot guns,
I wanna trick teachers, I wanna scare nuns

I never wanna stand still, I never wanna stop,
I never ever hold back, I never drink pop.
I never study school books, I never drink alone,
I never wait for stop signs, I never ever moan.

Be my baby, bang my drum,
come and do me, one on one.
I'm so sexy, have some fun,
be my baby and bang my drum.

Yeah... oh baby, yeah

I wanna fly space ships, I wanna play sport,
I wanna race cop cars and never get caught.
I wanna be with you babe, I wanna have fun,
I wanna get sexy and play with your gun.

Be my baby, bang my drum,
come and do me, one on one.
I'm so sexy, have some fun,
be my baby and bang my drum.

Yeah... oh baby, yeah

(repeat chorus)


Why do those who do not know, want to judge and label me so?
If you like this you must be that, if you like that you must be this.
I don't like one thing or another, for most people I could not bother;
but when I see, what I like, it doesn't matter, what's their type.

If they're a girl, that is nice, if they're a boy, sheer delight.
I end up liking more and more, the boys I simply do adore;
but not all, you're surprised to know, I am a fussy so and so.
The girls they leave me with a smile, as I dance with boys awhile.

And given that I meet my peers, obsessed with boys in underwear.
Bulging chests and hairy legs, pornography and sexy ass.
It's crass to me the things they see, I love to watch a smile or three,
for beauty is lost in ecstasy, a normal girl or boy for me.

I like, who I like, and no more, I am just me, I keep no score.



Sunday, March 28, 2010

My boy

He lifts his head from earthen sleep, lifts his eyes, so wide so deep;
He sniffs the air to catch the scent, his eagerness is heaven sent.
A seasoned stretch to rid the night, a silent nod in quiet respite,
A sullen glint begins to show, in his own eyes he sees you tho.

And as he rises from the ground, a breaking sound of song does sound,
the rapture of a swift pine breeze, the dancing of the green fir trees.
He slowly starts to walk your way, you hold your breath as he does gain,
He comes to you as two to one, your life anew had just begun.

You share your love as ne’er before, he takes your hand, you take his paw.
A bond between that’s made to last, unspoken words of love.

(Picture: Alaskan Malamutes)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Colour of Love

I looked in the distance and what did I see?
A sea of gray faces stared right back at me.
A dismal grey future of sweet paucity,
won't any gay stranger then come set me free?

I tasted the fruit and not of the vine,
an apple enticed me, sweet heaven divine.
It wasn't the love I felt would be mine,
I wondered, if my love, would grow, with time.

I then tried the wine, the juice of his lips,
the sway of his back, the shape of his hips.
I knew from that moment that love would be mine,
I dared try the grape and found love sublime.

If I had some crayons I'd colour the world,
I'd colour all boys and colour all girls.
They'd all look the same and they'd all dance for me,
I coloured all people and I set them free.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EIKE von STUCKENBROK ~ Acrobatic Magic

The Acrobatic Magic of this boy goes from imagination to amazement. I hope I do his abilities justice with these samples.

Eike von Stuckenbrok

Thanks for waiting for me to make this new video. It's my grandest compilation yet. A lot of the images I had I could not use for fear of YouTube censorship. They are above. Click on the image to enlarge. If you would like to see more do let me know. I have a lot, haha.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A friend on YouTube asked for these pictures. (If you click on the small icon they will expand to much higher resolution and then you can copy and paste or click and drag).

The are all from my Leonardo DiCaprio YouTube video.


He comes
he goes
and nobody knows
the heartfelt woes
he does impose.
He has my heart
we will not part
a sudden kiss
and off he darts.
I catch him now
I hold him tight
He is my own
throughout the night.
I let him go
I set him free
My butterfly
On autumn breeze.
He'll be right back
and that's a fact
I love my babe
My love attack.

(Picture: Jose Manuel)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


And in my mind I did see,
a boy of beauty,
a man to be.
His eyes they hold a mystery,
a soul so deep,
so wantonly.
He is to me a searching mind,
of beauty yes,
and so divine.
I only hope to make him mine
and be once spent
at last in time.
A life fulfilled is a life that's lived,
to you my love,
my love I give.

(Picture: Leonardo DiCaprio ~ my favourite one of him)


Gee, that was quick. I saw:
3 wild koalas
1 red kangaroo
3 wild camels
3 wild dingos
1 tame dingo
3 wild emus and 3 tame ones

oh and lots of other stuff of course but that's not what is important, haha.

I also swallowed a fly, by accident, and I killed a lizard. The first time I found him in bed was bad. But after I flicked him out he came back in. So I hit him with my shoe. I only wanted him to go away but I hit too hard. I was sad about that. I left him by my shoe, dead. But in the morning he was gone. So something bigger dragged him away and ate him..... eeeeeeeks!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hello, I'm heading away overseas on holiday in 5 minutes. Back in 8 days ~ Marcus

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What about this guy?

I have a love I have not shared,
a sexy boy, I have not dared.
His beauty is, and hold no bounds,
his physical feats they just astound.
I wonder if I really dare,
to show his tricks and do I share?
So tell me if you really care...

so check this guy out and tell me if you want a video that will be ABSOLUTELY SIC!


You bared your soul and shared with me,
secrets told and aired to me.
You risked your self and then lay bare,
you only have to know I care.
For you I love, I am your friend,
It knows no bounds, until the end.
I care for you, the soul within,
I bear with you an untold sin.
For you to me are ecstasy,
a friend indeed, you breathe with me.
We are the same, we are as one,
a mortal coil, a life begun.
So now you know I am your truth,
I hold your faith, trust in youth.
You're safe with me, I'm safe with you,
we two as one, we one as two.

(Dedicated to Ben ~ for those who bear their souls and trust)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


For a day and a night I dreamed of you,
rambling thoughts of all I knew.
Another day, another night,
next came pain against delight.
Could this be my own desire,
in a drowning pool, winter's fire?
Should I hold my thoughts apart,
can I resist my burning heart?
Oh come to me and take my hand,
lay with me on the burning sand.
Against the sky we'll paint our names,
and of no desire we shall refrain.

Dawn of the Wolf

The dawn was almost upon the land. A slight trickle of woodsmoke scented the air and stole back ground from the heavy scented pines. A deep red glow leached from the embers as the last remnants of wood crackled in surrender to the dying heat. The boy lay asleep, close to the fire, chilled by the night winds and stirred by the cry of wolves in the distance.

If he had been awake he would have seen a dark shadow slide between the trees and into the small dell. Padding lightly and sniffing the air the wolf salivated as the scent of a meal drifted from nearby. Lowering it's profile further the wolf crept forward, slowing, edging close, ears erect, eyes slanted, breath held.

The boy stirred as the dawn's first light hit the top of the trees and started to slowly slide down. He blinked slowly as he welcomed the radiant heat that would soon come, reluctant to stir and let the last of his body heat slip away too soon. Shivering slightly Marcus felt for his coat behind him. His hand reached out and touched warm fur. As his hand slid down and his eyes lifted his fingers felt warm blood and his eyes saw twin pearls of golden light staring into his soul. The eyes of a large wolf pierced the night as the sun lanced its golden fingers onto a mouth dripping blood.

'Ah, what have we here?' asked Marcus, of himself as much as the beast. 'Breakfast I see, a fine plump hare do I find at your feet. And by the size of your belly I would see that you've had your fill of at least three. Thankyou my friend. Although I would have preferred your warmth last night. So lay beside me now and at least let us brave the dawn together before we set to this feast.'

With that said the wolf lay against his back as they both enjoyed the exchange of body heat, the sky lightened, the dawn broke and the birds continued their chorus. A new day had dawned in the wild and untamed foothills.


I saw you bright against the sky,
the it sun paled by compare.
A sense of magic drifted slowly,
I breathed the essence of the air.
A sky of blue, a day of hope,
a dream awaits the sleeper.
Sun filled, mist chilled,
the sky it drew me deeper.
~ by Marcus

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bath time

You begin to wash me...

I sit in a shallow tin bath against an open sash-window waiting, breathing gently.

Your eyes glide down my smooth golden body, drift across my youthful abs and then rest lightly on the only hair, snaking down softly, below my naval.

Your loins stir as they linger lower.

You take the rose soap and a waft of spring freshness stirs memories of baths in the open air of so long ago.

The warm water feels oily as you sponge it over my shoulders and the merest touch to my skin I feel over my entire body as I warm to the water, your touch and more.

Heady, confused and pensive I stare out the window wondering what the next touch shall be.

You continue to wash me... and I relax to your touch.