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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Gee, that was quick. I saw:
3 wild koalas
1 red kangaroo
3 wild camels
3 wild dingos
1 tame dingo
3 wild emus and 3 tame ones

oh and lots of other stuff of course but that's not what is important, haha.

I also swallowed a fly, by accident, and I killed a lizard. The first time I found him in bed was bad. But after I flicked him out he came back in. So I hit him with my shoe. I only wanted him to go away but I hit too hard. I was sad about that. I left him by my shoe, dead. But in the morning he was gone. So something bigger dragged him away and ate him..... eeeeeeeks!

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  1. At least you saw a crew of people and so tiny ants!XP


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