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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dawn of the Wolf

The dawn was almost upon the land. A slight trickle of woodsmoke scented the air and stole back ground from the heavy scented pines. A deep red glow leached from the embers as the last remnants of wood crackled in surrender to the dying heat. The boy lay asleep, close to the fire, chilled by the night winds and stirred by the cry of wolves in the distance.

If he had been awake he would have seen a dark shadow slide between the trees and into the small dell. Padding lightly and sniffing the air the wolf salivated as the scent of a meal drifted from nearby. Lowering it's profile further the wolf crept forward, slowing, edging close, ears erect, eyes slanted, breath held.

The boy stirred as the dawn's first light hit the top of the trees and started to slowly slide down. He blinked slowly as he welcomed the radiant heat that would soon come, reluctant to stir and let the last of his body heat slip away too soon. Shivering slightly Marcus felt for his coat behind him. His hand reached out and touched warm fur. As his hand slid down and his eyes lifted his fingers felt warm blood and his eyes saw twin pearls of golden light staring into his soul. The eyes of a large wolf pierced the night as the sun lanced its golden fingers onto a mouth dripping blood.

'Ah, what have we here?' asked Marcus, of himself as much as the beast. 'Breakfast I see, a fine plump hare do I find at your feet. And by the size of your belly I would see that you've had your fill of at least three. Thankyou my friend. Although I would have preferred your warmth last night. So lay beside me now and at least let us brave the dawn together before we set to this feast.'

With that said the wolf lay against his back as they both enjoyed the exchange of body heat, the sky lightened, the dawn broke and the birds continued their chorus. A new day had dawned in the wild and untamed foothills.


  1. Hey, Marcus!
    Thank you for this great grey wolf photo. It's my new, improved desktop image 4 the week.
    Your friend, Marcito in Omaha

  2. Ahh Marcito, thanks my friend


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