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Sunday, March 28, 2010

My boy

He lifts his head from earthen sleep, lifts his eyes, so wide so deep;
He sniffs the air to catch the scent, his eagerness is heaven sent.
A seasoned stretch to rid the night, a silent nod in quiet respite,
A sullen glint begins to show, in his own eyes he sees you tho.

And as he rises from the ground, a breaking sound of song does sound,
the rapture of a swift pine breeze, the dancing of the green fir trees.
He slowly starts to walk your way, you hold your breath as he does gain,
He comes to you as two to one, your life anew had just begun.

You share your love as ne’er before, he takes your hand, you take his paw.
A bond between that’s made to last, unspoken words of love.

(Picture: Alaskan Malamutes)

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