About this blog...

On this blog you will find the rambling thoughts and images a boy like me finds on the web. It is responses to my dilemma and experience. It's not rude or crude or stereotypical. Just me, just trying to be free, just learning to be myself...

Friday, March 25, 2011

No Angel

I am no angel. I am just me. 
I sit here alone, my heart wanders free. 
It belongs to an angel, from heaven above. 
He came from the stars, I gave him my love. 
So when you next see me, burning so bright. 
Know that my love, lights up heaven tonight.


Tait Hughes Geijer

Colour me green, colour me blue.
Paint me in
pictures, as I colour you. 

Imagine a scene, 
where we have
once been. Remember the part, when you stole my heart. 

Believe in the love, that we always share. Know that I love you, know that I care. 

We parted as friends, so it never ends. Paint me in memories, as we become men.

Colour me purple, colour me red. Paint me a rainbow, over my bed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Defining Me

Am I straight? 
Am I gay?
Am I rough and tough?
Am I bent?
Up for rent?
How do I share my love?
Am I Bi?
Am I trans?
Am I weird or queer?
Do I love?
Do I trust?
Do I really care?
Why do you define me so?
Can't I be as one untold?
Can't I only just be me?
Let me live in peace instead.
Take who I want to my bed.
Let me be and let me be free.

When I think of You

When I think of You

If I thought of what you meant to me,
I would only think of smiles.
If I thought of all our memories,
it would take quite a while.
If I thought of the love I hold for you,
I would only break my heart.
For if I try to recall a thing,
it means that we're apart.

But when I lie right next to you,
I think of no such things.
I only feel, I only trust
My heart, my love, my sin.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Salvation

A single drop, it forms on skin,
of my perspiration.
A single thought, it forms akin,
as of my own creation.
A single voice, as if by choice, 
I file on this occasion. 
Accept me, or let me free, 
I ask of this nation.

Do not hem or still this tide, 
I only want my nature. 
To be with, whom I deserve,
on this occasion. 
I fancy not the juggernaut, 
of 2.3 creations. 
I only want, the one I love, 
and I will find salvation.

Let me be. Let me love. Let me be loved.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Banana Boy

Look at me! I'm so free!
I bounce across the floor. 
I'm upside down! I spin around!
Then I bounce out the door.

I'm carefree! You don't scare me!
So take away the drama. 
But be nice, and throw in spice
and I'll show you my banana.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Is this you? Is this Me?

That is you, this is me.
Forever young, forever free.
Trapped in time, we hold this space.
A symptom of the human race. 
A simple spec, on data trails.
Did we exist? Were we so frail?

I looked across a crowded room 
and saw my love that night.
My breath it stopped, my heart it popped, 
my chest became so tight.
I knew that I, had found at once, 
my other half indeed.
I only hoped, that they would dare, 
and fall in love with me.

And when I glanced, as if by chance, 
my mind went blank indeed.
My smile returned, my soul it yearned, 
my love sent back to me.
So from that day, come what may, 
I knew that love was true.
I knew the we, would forever be, 
you and me, 
we two.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am your Golden BOY!

I am your Golden BOY!

I set my heart in wheaten field, my resolve drew me on. 
I fancied dreams of flight reborn, as I walked along. 
I could not dream of our embrace without your warming touch.
I have to say how much I miss, I love you oh so much. 

When you're away my thoughts do fly, I dream my golden boy.
Of happiness and warming smiles, my life so full of joy.
When we walk on, hand in hand the world does stop and stare. 
They think these boys, gone wild, are mad, I hope they lose that fear. 

For what scares them is love unbound and daring to be free. 
They see our love, they see us two, they see that we are free. 
Two boys in love, two boys in hand, two boys together as one.
Their looks of shame and wanton blame will never make undone. 

For what do we care of them, their sad and lonely lives. 
When all we see is rainbows, through our own loving eyes. 
So come back soon and be with me and share my bed again. 
And we will be, forever free, our love will bear no shame.

This week my other half is in Paris. Leading a life so different to my own reality that when he comes back to me it feels as if a dream. But he comes back to me, always to me. And I will always be here for him or go with him. For eternity. This blog is for him, to him, about me and him. I love you babe. Beijos