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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Uh Oh! Tented Pants!

You know that time, it happens lots,
so suddenly, it drives you nuts.
A casual glance, so happenstance,
your try to hide, your tented pants.

It's just not fair,
I wasn't thinking,
it just appeared, my heart is sinking.
So can't they see? Don't they know?
My pants explode, it starts to grow.

I must sit down,
and try to hide.
But what to do? I can't decide.
Perhaps if I just stare ahead,
and walk real fast and think of bed.

The nighttime comes,
I'm all alone,
I think of him, oh damn it's grown.
That's it, I know, I'll think of dirt,
uh oh, I feel, a little squirt.

Oh damn, it's just..

it's just not fair!
'Please beam me up',
I'll disappear.

Picture is Justin Bieber, exposed, haha.


  1. This poem is funny!!! ahaha but it reminds me two or three poems of Sappho!!!


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