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On this blog you will find the rambling thoughts and images a boy like me finds on the web. It is responses to my dilemma and experience. It's not rude or crude or stereotypical. Just me, just trying to be free, just learning to be myself...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Learn the Betabet

A is for what?,
B is for bleh,
C is for yes and
D is for DUH or D'OH.
E is for getting high and
F is for swearing.
G is for amazement and
H is for rugby posts.
I is for me and
J is a dude I know.
K is alright and
M is half a bit of chocolate.
N is for the end,
O is for oh,
P is for pissing and
Q is for cute.
R is for pirates and
S is for sex.
T is for drinking and
U is for loving.
V is THE energy drink and
W is for lesbian sheep and
X is for for old lovers and
Y is to drive adults nuts and
Z is for sleeping!

And now I'm gonna learn to paint...

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