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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hide N Seek

You can not see me
if you tried.
Behind this mask
I always hide.
You get to know me
only bit by bit.

So come in close
and be my friend.
But soon you know
there'll be an end.
Just now
I can't quite think
of it.

For I won't think
of all I hurt.
My false pretense
is quite absurd.
But I will play this game
until the end.

You send your love,
I reply in kind.
I slowly delve into
your mind.
Your broken heart
will never
truly mend.

So laugh with me
and laugh away.
All of your cares
I do but sway.
Give to me you trust
and only love.

For I will take it all
and more,
as you love the boy
you so adore,
and I will leave you
but pain, lost love and sadness.

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