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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Ebbing Tide

Silver line that slowly flows,
upon the ground 
without a sound.
It steals my thoughts 
and helps me drift away. 

Broken bands upon the beach, 
tempting throb beyond my reach, 
ebbing tide draws me on and on.

Setting sun takes hold of me, 
pulls me forth on autumn breeze, 
takes my hand 
and leads me from the shore.

Cloudless sky steals life from me, 
upwards I go gleefully, 
morning comes and so begins my day.

Tempting is the birds' first song
heartening as I move along, 
draws the life and soul ... from me.

But I know best, this cycle goes, 
my love, my dreams,
they slowly grow.
I see the circle path that I am on.

So I stand still and wait for you,
the night draws cold, 
the morning dew 
and you return my love 
as life renewed.

(I once chased the love I sought, until I stopped, waited.. and love was caught).

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  1. He traducido tu poesía a español y me gustó mucho.
    saludos amigo!!


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