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Saturday, January 22, 2011

You only need to learn ...

A sideways glance, you look aside.
Their love, their joy, they do not hide. 
Such an affront to dignity, 
no shame or hidden humility. 

What comes of this youth, do they not see? 
The wrong, the right, the family. 
Through their misdeeds there can not be, 
no love, no life, no future. See? 

Can they not but learn our love for them?
It is our will, and they must bend. 
They must learn to be what's right. 
Shun their thoughts, take a wife. 

Trapped inside a goodly life. 
Their love will grow, throughout time. 
If they but bend to our desires, 
they shall find peace instead.

But no, they bend, to instant urge. 
Their life is gay, and so blurred.
Through pain of denial they should learn. 
That happiness is absurd.


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