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Saturday, January 16, 2010

4 thoughts

If you are in doubt and are unsure, think of those you love the more.
Think of them and how they are, think of how you've come so far.
Trust them first and share your love, ignore their faults and rise above.
Come to terms with frailty, just believe in them you see.
For what you do is share your heart and be their friend and never part.
For being what you hold most true, you are to them only you.

An errant trough of afterthought, a cold sublime enmeshed.
A ridicule of strong distraught, a passing of the flesh.
A sudden jolt of thought rebirth, a bubbling of the mind.
Brings forth the frothsome after mirth, a palette so divine.

I put my mind at pillow's rest, to stand the evening still, a test,
For in my mind I showed my breast, blithe spirit of my loins to rest

And in my mind I have mispent, the time I lost without your rent,
I see him now as I saw him first and renewed my love as it did burst.

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