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On this blog you will find the rambling thoughts and images a boy like me finds on the web. It is responses to my dilemma and experience. It's not rude or crude or stereotypical. Just me, just trying to be free, just learning to be myself...

Monday, January 2, 2012


Unspoken is a hidden thought, 
the truth cuts through, emotions caught. 
A sudden glance, a sideways look, alone. 

Careful as you come on by, 
you close the gap ... as if I'm shy. 
You stand so close I feel you in my bones.

With warmth and charm, you try, disarm. 
No doubt or waiver sends my alarm. 
I feel your trust, your warmth, your tone, advance.

You take my hand and steer me out.
Alone at last, no hidden doubt.
You steal on close and then you take your chance. 

Received by me, pure ecstasy, 
walls laid bare, emotions shared. 
Relief to find a welcome on my lips. 

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