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On this blog you will find the rambling thoughts and images a boy like me finds on the web. It is responses to my dilemma and experience. It's not rude or crude or stereotypical. Just me, just trying to be free, just learning to be myself...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feel me

See me here,
feel me now.
Wish me luck,
don't know how.

I am such a lucky boy,
happy, loving, full of joy. 
Life for me is on the beach, 
my love entwined within my reach. 

Golden sands and lapping waves, 
the breathless sun, my hopes are brave. 
I live my life just how I please, 
the drooping clouds blown off by breeze.

See me now as ne'er before, 
I have my life... to explore.

So see me leave, 
see me go. 
When I return, 
please say hello.


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