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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Steady Beating

A special look, not one mistook, you know what I am thinking. 
My pulse is raised, a steady beat, my heart is steady beating.

I feel the kindred of our souls, I'm glad of this meeting. 
So come on close, don't be morose, and give to me your greeting. 

So lift my hand, and take me up, and hold me in your arms. 
Whisper, smile, stroke, beguile, warm me with your charms.

I knew at once, when we first met, that we would be forever.
I had no doubt, that even without, our love would grow together. 

Just look at me, and can't you see, the love that we once knew?
I am your boy, you are my joy, our love just grew and grew.

~ ~ ~

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