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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A dream like state of mind ...

Tait Hughes Geijer - BMG Models LA
I am not, who you want me to be, 
I am only me, you see? 
I am not, in a dream 
and more real, or so it seems. 

So please just let me be me. 

I share with those, that I like, 
a little more, of my life. 
But please, I do implore, 
please don't ask for any more, 

I feel carved up with a knife. 

I put my feelings, out on show, 
but only with those I know.
Will I ever lay bare, 
the things I guard fair?

Or let you into my life?

So please understand, 
As I turn into a man.  
I need to hold back 
and cover the cracks;

or be undone ... and disband.


  1. I like you so much as you are
    Never accept of change for be loved
    Let them out of your life
    You deserves be loved as you are
    You can't imagine HOW I would like
    Take care of you when you are sad, bored or happy cause I want be your friend in your life
    AND Because I'm like you about being man :)
    As we turn into a man. we need to hold back
    and cover the cracks together
    DAMN I should be well sleeped in the same bed
    Every night for talking of all and nothing
    after enjoy for sleep deeply late stick on you
    Jeremy 20yo - Montreal

  2. I like you so musch a your are
    Never accept of change for be loved
    Many try change us at their taste !
    We must get out them out of our life
    I would like so just be your closer friend
    Not just virtual friend
    I would like so take care of you
    When you aread, bored, betray, or happy :)
    Talk with you hand to hand everywhere
    I like so much too because like you:
    As we turn into a man.
    we need to hold back
    and cover the cracks together
    I should be well share your bed every night
    For talking of all and nothing
    before sleep deeply after...
    Jeremy 20yo - Montreal

  3. Its all about disappointment in your poem.
    Nicely expressed. I love it.
    I can now figure out the cracks developed in your mind just because of some gloomy people who doesn't care other's emotions.
    Well done my friend. You rock.
    Take care.

  4. In new Zealand you are in the spring! try to write a poem on the spring!

    I kiss you!! my friend!


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