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Friday, March 2, 2012

My sweet destiny

He tumbled out of a clear blue sky, 
into my arms so I could cry. 
I cry a little softer every day. 
He made my life quite replete, 
no other love can compete. 
I only hoped that he was here to stay.

His passing voice I often hear, 
his presence far but I feel him near. 
If only things had gone another way. 
I stand alone and quietly wait, 
for his return, my love to sate. 
My hope, my dreams, my childhood love, to stay.

He has returned, I am set free, 
to live my love, sweet destiny. 
His warmth, his charm, his soft embrace, all mine. 

I hold him close, I hold him now. 
I shall not break our lovers vow. 
His warmth, his charm, his soft embrace, all mine.


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