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On this blog you will find the rambling thoughts and images a boy like me finds on the web. It is responses to my dilemma and experience. It's not rude or crude or stereotypical. Just me, just trying to be free, just learning to be myself...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Stare

Desensitized and mystified, 
          death defied by suicide, 
                    memerized by what he sees.

Horrified and immortalized, 
          rectified by truth... besides, 
                    what else can there be?

Take a look, a lasting look, 
take a picture, write a book, 
what is it that you see?
Behind my stare I lay quite bare, 
I never thought I'd ever care, 
behind this stare, my veneer... 
is me...      see?

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