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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Forgive me

I stood and gazed 
on time gone by, 
the time we stood, 
both side by side.
Nothing of 
our past to hide, 
we tested love 
and really tried. 

As summer set 
and time slid by, 
our time was up, 
an autumn sigh. 
And so it's time 
to say goodbye. 
Adieu my friend, 
I step aside.


  1. who said that love hurts?

  2. The departure is very cleverly shown.
    I like the style.
    Break up=Step aside(nice thought).
    But am giving you the proper respect to your love.
    I've gone through the same period.
    Its impossible sometimes to catch things up.
    Wish success kiss your feet,Marcus.
    Its a pure wish from your elderly friend,kush.


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